Wednesday, August 29, 2012

pokemon XD

Do you know all off the names of the pokemon? If you know try to solve this image... (comment the answer XD)

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  1. this may be a little far fetched, but I was thinking of a film I want to make that will star me and star you. it begins as I Pikachu under the covers while you snorlax, then I wake you with my wigglypuff between your jigglypuffs. you are a little krabby at first because you feel drowse. but you start to lick lick my Ho-oh until I squirtle in your meowth. its your first time so you cant help but coughing out the muk. You are already weezing but, we are not done yet because my cubone is still hard as onyx. You then proceed to rhino my lapras like a seahorse until abra kadabra alakazam! I pull out my weedle just in time for me to blastoise all over your tangelo.